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Brooklyn Hills Ranch

Put your finances to work building the food resources you want to have

BHR beef, lamb, pork & goat are available for Deposit in Portions (quarter/ half/ whole), first come first served.  Also as a Private Membership CSA (Community Supported Agriculture).
Come on out to our ranch Saturdays 1p-4p starting 7/2021.
Pricing subject to change without notice. Updated July 2021


    We have been line-breeding St Croix & Dorper sheep since 2005 to obtain hardy, well adapted genetics with good mothering traits and efficient 100% pasture grazed carcasses. Our sheep genetics have adapted well from Texas to the Virginia climate and we have now introduced Rambouleigh.

    We offer lamb as "Hogget" which is the term for sheep that have been finished between one and two years of age, born and raised on our fields.   This extra time spent on the land at Brooklyn Hills Ranch is required for flavors to build making a product that we are proud to offer.  These flavors are the ones you would find in long term dry aged meats sold for top dollar. The phytochemicals in healthy forage build abundant flavors that add to eating experience and nutrition.  Dry aging for one week gives more depth to our hogget.

Sheep graze a bit more grass/clover and less browse than goats.

BHR male sheep with large horns grazing forage in our field in Amherst, Virginia
A small herd of pigs on BH Ranch pasture and forested land


Swine lounge and graze in the cool forest, foraging at will

Pigs find lots of goodies in our forest.  Nuts, berries & fungi oh my!

Pigs Arrive

Our heritage pigs include Red Wattle, our favorite, Glaucasture Old Spot, Ossabaw Island and Magalitsa.  Once here at Brooklyn Hills Ranch, they have exclusively eaten in our pastures, our forest & all certified Organic grains. Predominently sprouted certified Organic barley from New Country Organics, NO-soy.  We have found signifigantly amazing flavor in the pork from sprouting the grains and letting them grow gradually!  All year long they are on pasture/ forest with all of its abundance with ample shade.  In the Fall, they recieve extra large plots to graze in the abundance of oak acorns, hickory nuts & wild persimmons at their leisure.


Beef cattle are near and dear to our hearts; Fred began his herd at 14.  We chose to be 100% grassfed & grass-finished in 2003.   Beeves have an incredible ability to convert highly nutritious grass (undigestable by us) into a portion of nutrient rich, protien & good fats(higher Omega-3's & CLA) filled with vitamin & mineral rich deliciousness.  BHR cattle are always finished at 2+ years of age, this gives them time to naturally marble & build fine flavor after reaching adolescence. Our beef is dry-aged a minimum of 10 days.

Our herd mothers are Irish Dexters, Jersey & South Poll, all of these breeds are known for their tenderness and meat qualities. In July 2019, we introduced a beautiful registered South Poll bull.

This breed was bred specifically by Teddy Gentry of the ALABAMA band for efficient grass based carcass quality, high meat to bone yield and fertility.


Our beautiful red bull, the Herd Sire is of South Poll Genetics for BHR

To give some perspective on patience, the calves sired from this bull (pictured above) will birth in 2020 and be harvested in 2022.   

3 young BHR Goat 100% pasture grazed and forage fattened


Goats are natural roamers having higher nutritional requirements then other ruminant animals. They are known to escape fencing in search of their nutritional needs. They have taught us that nutrition is key to health and fertility. These lessons have changed our whole operation. 

Black and brown young kid goats that are playing in our field 100% grassfed 100% grassfinished


Our grassfed goat, while in TX, put us on the menu in the #1 voted restaurant at the time, Luke, on the River Walk in San Antonio, a John Besh restaurant. Goat meat has an exceptional flavor of the land when raised correctly. Unfortunately nearly all goats in America are severely malnourished & stressed needing routine wormers, vaccines, and antibiotics to keep them alive and in production, BUT NOT AT BROOKLYN HILLS RANCH.   

1 to 2 year old goats called Chevon, in our field in Central Virginia


"Chevon" is the term for goat that is harvested between the age of 1 and 2. At Brooklyn Hills Ranch that means grazing entirely on grass, herbs, shrubs, vines and trees on pasture and forest, building flavor by building nutrient density from farm to table.

Portions from BHR

Own your portion(s).  Secure nutritious food for your family.   Available for deposit now.  Once your order is placed, deposit is required to secure your portion.  You may use cash or check, once your funds arrive your portion is securely reserved.  Custom cut options will be discussed at that point.  Quarter portions are available at the same rate and half the deposit plus $10 for extra processing.  Whole portions are listed down the page.

B.H.R. grass fed Lamb grazing

Half Lamb

Half of a BHR 100% grass fed & grassfinished HOGGET (@1.5 years old)!  Half is 30lbs.  ( $ 6.50 per lb  x 30 ) - $ 75 deposit + processing fee = Total

Forested Pig fed Organic grain

Half Pig

Half of a BHR Forested/Pastured + sprouted Organic Barley supplemented PORK!  (Non-gmo & No soy) between 100 - 150 lb( $ 5.50 per lb  x 125? ) - $ 200 deposit + processing fee = Total

Beef entire life on grass

Half Cow

Half of a BHR 100% grass fed & grassfinished BEEF! Western Aged 2-3 year beeve. Fits in a chest freezer. About 300 lbs. ( $ 5.50 per lb x 300 ) - $ 400 deposit + processing fee = Total

B.H.R. grass fed goats graze

Half Goat

Half of a BHR 100% grass fed & grassfinished CHEVON (@ 1.5 years old)! Half is 30lbs. ( $ 6.50 per lb x 30 ) - $ 75 deposit + processing fee = Total

Whole Portions from BHR

Own a whole portion (s). Secure nutritious food for your family. Available for deposit now. Once your order is placed, deposit is required to secure your portion. You my use cash or check, once your funds arrive your portion is securely reserved. Custom cut options will be discussed at that point.

B.H.R. Whole Lamb grazing

Whole Lamb

Whole BHR 100% grass fed & grassfinished HOGGET (@1.5 years old)!  Whole is 60lbs. ( $ 6.50 per lb x 60 ) - $ 150 deposit + processing fee = Total

Whole Portion Pork

Whole Pig

Whole BHR Forested/Pastured + sprouted Organic Barley fed PORK!   (Non-gmo & No soy) Whole is 200 to 300 lbs. ( $ 5.50 per lb x 250? ) - 400 deposit + processing fee = Total

Goat entire life on pasture

Whole Goat

Whole BHR 100% grass fed & grassfinished CHEVON (@ 1.5 years old)! Whole is 60 lbs. ( $ 6.50 per lb x 60 ) - $150 deposit + processing fee = Total

Put your health in hands you can believe in.

18 years

Experience Fattening & Finishing on grass

thru both drought and deluge

196 acres

in Pasture & Forest

room for rotation and herd growth

1 family

Passionate about Real Food & True Health

honest, forthright, transparent

Find our ranch in Amherst county local to Nelson county (3 miles), Amherst city (12 miles), Lovingston (15 miles), Nellysford (21 miles), Madison Heights (22 miles), Lynchburg (28 miles) , Lexington (31 miles), Charlottesville (50 miles) & buy fine meat from a dedicated farmer near Lowesville, VA.  A local pasture grazed ranch, dedicated to exceeding beyond organic standards & regenerating the soil.  We strive for our top quality each year to be better than before by restoring and supporting the life in our soil.

Buy Virginia grass fed meats.
Grass fed & Grass finished Meats 
& Pork raised in our forest + pasture w/Organic grains that are sprouted.

We harvest as flavor & marbling are at their peak (optimal level) while tenderness is still high.  For the animals of Brooklyn Hills Ranch this is after natural adolescence (a different age for each species).  Stress causes lack of tenderness, so we opt for LOW stress handling.  We also choose to dry-age our meats.

Pleasant flavors in our meats are a sign of good health in our animal's digestive systems.  Our farming methods promote this by feeding the gut/ rumen biology thru healthy (plants) forages and enzymes plus never hindering their environment with chemicals.  Only organic/ regenerative products are used on the soils, forages and animals!

These pleasant flavors are slightly enhanced by a natural process called dry-aging.  This method of hanging the carcass (just above freezing) of beef, lamb or goat for 7 - 10 days is an old-time practice that allows for more tender meat that is more digestible.  Big industry has forsaken this concept as there is loss of water weight. 

About Brooklyn Hills Meats

 100% grassfed Lamb, 100% grassfed Goat, 100% grassfed Beef
& pasture/forest & certified organic NON-gmo grain fed Pork