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Short of visiting our ranch, stay informed with our NEWSLETTER!

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Brooklyn Hills Ranch


Brooklyn Hills Ranch

Is life really worth living without slowing down to enjoy anothers company + learning about our world & savoring really great food?

Visit BHR on S A T U R D A Y S   1 - 4p!
July 2021 continuing till the week before Thanksgiving 2021.
Speak to the rancher/ farmer.  Pick up your CSA share.  Experience our creations.  Educational Workshops to expand your mind and your skills.  Learn the whys.  Be outside. Try new recipes.  Make some memories that will last!

BHR Schedule

Planned Dates and Times for fun on our ranch.  Please dress for the weather and terrain.  Children must be supervised.

ConceptTime DATE
All Saturdays
Open to
Land & Table5p- 7p7/17/21All (please R.S.V.P.)
Nutrition Class4p- 5p7/31/21All
Membership Meal
& Workshop
starts at 5p8/7/21Members & Trial Member
Land & Table 5p - 7p8/21/21All (please R.S.V.P.)
Nutrition Class4p - 5p8/28/21All
Membership Meal
& Workshop
starts at 5p9/4/21Members & Trial Member
Nutrition Class4p - 5p9/11/21All
Land & Table5p - 7p9/18/21All (please R.S.V.P.)
Membership Meal
& Workshop 
starts at 5p10/2/21Members & Trial Member
Land & Table 5p - 7p10/16/21All (please R.S.V.P.)
Nutrition Class (Final for this year)4p - 5p10/23/21All
Membership Meal
& Workshop
starts at 5p11/6/21Members & Trial Member
Land & Table5p - 7p11/20/21All (please R.S.V.P.)
Membership Meal
& Workshop
starts at 5p12/6/21Members & Trial Member
Land & Table5p - 7p12/20/21All (please R.S.V.P.)
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Land & Table Amherst

Continuing on this year, third Saturdays 5p till 7p. Let's keep great discussions going, encourage one another and build strong community food systems. RSVP appreciated.

Learning to THRIVE

Come on out for a workshop with us.  Pick up some skills, expand your mind, and meet some like-minded folks. See, then join, a ranch run for the good of those involving themselves with its' mission.

farm family all hands in together

2021 Topics at BHR! Making knowledge hands-on & accessible for the folks that would like to indulge.  Plans to host complete workshops and/ or touch on those concepts that recieve the most support from BHR Members.  All included in Membership, No extra fee!

Vine Planting Grape, Blackberry, Kiwi, Raspberry, plus pruning and nourishing vines

Fence Building, posts, H-Braces, Electric, Woven and Barbed Wire

Gardening Basics, planning, design, and from seed start-up, no-till options, fertility boosting concepts plus permaculture tips

Ethical Harvest/ Butcher, useful skills for homesteaders, understanding snout to tail cuts

Bird & Bat Boxes, how-to, hands-on, where and why

Portable Fence planning, design, movement, plus try it for yourself woven & polywire

Bio-Char, how it's done, inocculation, finished amendment, application ideas

Orchard Planting, planning, design, and careful install, plus Fig trees from cuttings

Livestock Health, pre-conception, fertility, conception, birth, immune supporting practices, line breeding intro

Soil Microbes all the way up to Human Health, connections and interactions for True Health

Foraging Ideas for Youngsters Snacks, Teas, Meals, plus hands on meal crafting with Kids! 

Gardening Further Into the Seasons, Nutrition for plants continued fertility, Keeper Veggies/ Fruits, Fermenting Intro

Real Milk for the farm and the family, primary thoughts and practical advice

Forest Maintainence, Chainsaws for beginners, Food Forest & Mushroom Basics, Swine in the Shade

Seed Selection, planning for saving, cleaning, selecting & storing

We are no experts, just humble enough to learn continously for these past 20 odd years and bold enough to share what we've learned to help make your time more valuable & prevent costly mistakes for you.  Suggested donation is $12 per person or become a BHR Member.  Donations that help cover material costs are welcome.

A cherished gift from us to you is sharing just what we do. Kindness shown, a smile and laugh, new remedy, trip down the path. Soft baby goat, a little keet, the largest egg, our newest calf!

Really amazing meals & great company are the best!  Will you please join us?

Our dishes are seasonal, our event times are as well.  We ask that you
dress for the weather & terrain, this is a real working ranch.

Lines of American Plum trees in Blossom in Spring at the Brooklyn Hills Ranch Entrance

Welcome to our farm

Brooklyn Hills is a special place.  We do hope your visit finds you as much at peace here as we have been..

fresh eggs from the farm to table

Our food or yours

Let's keep it clean, local, seasonal, as best we can manage..

Farm family member w/ baby goat at Brooklyn Hills Ranch

A Petting Zoo this is not . . .

Our cattle, sheep, goats & pigs are free to roam in their paddocks that shift frequently.  We rarely give treats so they don't act like pets or pests.  Our kiddos can handle a few, but yours probably should not, unless invited to do so.