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  • FRED - Born in South Texas and raised on one of the cleanest medium size dairy farms around, with a homestead directly beside containing cattle, bottle calves, chickens, rabbits, a produce garden for 9, plus fruit and nut trees.  Self taught in the school of hard knocks & multiple decades of practice, building fences and relationships, animal husbandry for cattle, goats, sheep, swine and various poultry, production practices for vegetables, fruit & nut orchard and viticulture.  He has been chosen to speak on radio, podcast, classrooms, stage and lectured for Dieticians.  Ever a student of true health, certified as a Physical Fitness Specialist from the Cooper Institute in Dallas, TX since 2003.  Since early on in grassfarming, all health steming from soil microbes on up is of interest to him.  Being led to Virginia to manage a 900 acre farm gave depth to his experience level.  Preparing nutritious foods with a gourmet palate is another specialty he is shy to reveal.
  • AMBER - Former city gal with a keen interest in wellness, she has taught swimming for decades, personal training teens to senior citizens for over ten years, certified by the Cooper Institute as a Physical Fitness Specialist in Dallas, TX since 2003.  She has led corporate wellness, participated in community health outreach events, assisted in beginning a farmers market, as well as presenting on health and fitness for local police force.  Mother of 5 robust, vibrant children teaching them each day about respecting/ exploring the environment and ever a student of nutrition, soil/ plant biology for the good of those around her.
  • A UNIQUE TEAM - Husband and wife for 20 years with 5 kiddos in tow.  Conscious of natural, sustainable, heirloom, permaculture, regenerative, biodynamic & "true to the root" organic practices.  Doing what they can, to their very best, with what they have been blessed to steward and sharing as much knowledge and skill as possible gives incredible joy and pays eternal dividends.  

Eating with Purpose

Enjoy monthly workshops & Saturday Membership Meals with us.  Pick up your CSA share, expand your mind, and visit with folks who share your interests. Support a ranch run for the good of those involving themselves with its' mission.

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Seasonal Shares

More than a ranch, a community location for health!
Membership opens you up to   s w e l l   options.
BHR MemberShare is our version of Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) available by private membership.


Pasture/ Forest Shares

 Brooklyn Hills Ranch Pasture/Forest Shares will provide the goodness for your protein (beef, lamb, pork) portion, meal after meal.  Monthly or Semi-Monthly Pick-up


Garden Shares

Brooklyn Hills Ranch Garden Shares will keep the annual veggies and fruits coming for meals and snacks, bonus fruit, from our perennial plantings during the past 2 years, will round out the selections.
Weekly Pick-up



We feel led to provide information; a resource/ location answering & continually seeking health truth for those around us.  One way we host + build community that is meaningful is to have like-minded folks join our BHR Membership. Monthly Workshops & Meals

Memberships allow us to FOCUS!  Brooklyn Hills Ranch Memberships give us time back thru your commitment.  What is not being spent from our time thru marketing/ distribution can be invested in improving our ranch & educating + connecting + strengthening our community.  The payoff for you, our BHR Members, is multiplied by providing you with a consistent source thru your Seasonal Share(s) of protiens / veggie & fruits / participation in knowledge growth.  Freedom to learn, share in person, try and gain experience.  We are striving to be responsive to the needs of those in our local area + make effective use of our time to best serve others.  BHR Workshops are included with Membership.   

Brooklyn Hills Ranch Membership Tour

Approximately 30 minutes of ranch tour/ interview with the farmers/ owners to determine if this is a good fit for your nourishment goals.

2021 Topics at BHR! Making knowledge hands-on & accessible for the folks that would like to indulge.  Plans to host complete workshops and/ or touch on those concepts that recieve the most support from BHR Members.  All included in Membership, No extra fee!

Vine Planting Grape, Blackberry, Kiwi, Raspberry, plus pruning& nourishing your vines

Fence Building, posts, H-Braces, Electric, Woven and Barbed Wire

Gardening Basics, planning, design, and from seed start-up, no-till options, fertility boosting concepts

Ethical Harvest/ Butcher, useful skills for homesteaders, understanding snout to tail cuts

Bee & Bat Boxes, how-to, hands-on, where and why

Portable Fence planning, design, movement, plus try it for yourself woven & polywire

Bio-Char, how it's done, inocculation, finished amendment, application ideas

Orchard Planting, planning, design, and careful install, plus Fig trees from cuttings

Livestock Health, pre-conception, fertility, conception, birth, immune supporting practices, line breeding intro

Soil Microbes all the way up to Human Health, connections and interactions for True Health

Foraging Ideas for Youngsters Snacks, Teas, Meals, plus hands on meal crafting with Kids! 

Gardening Further Into the Seasons, Nutrition for plants continued fertility, Keeper Veggies/ Fruits, Fermenting Intro

Real Milk for the farm and the family, primary thoughts and practical advice

Forest Maintainence, Chainsaws for beginners, Food Forest & Mushroom Basics, Swine in the Shade

Seed Selection, planning for saving, cleaning, selecting & storing

We are no experts, just humble enough to learn continously for these past 20 odd years and bold enough to share what we've learned to help make your time more valuable & prevent costly mistakes for you.  Suggested donation per workshop is $12 a person or become a member!  Donations that help cover material costs are welcome.

Our  Timeline

Fred has been at this for quite some time, here's what it looks like . . .


raised on a not-so-small dairy, then started his own herd

Gardening with his mother since a small child & working in the fields with his father as a youngster, Fred started his own herd of beef cattle as he began high school.

@ 2003

Read & we're appalled by 1 book, got goats, bought a lot MORE books  & became Certified Physical Fitness Specialists . . . 

A relative challenged us, as newlyweds, with a book about industrial feedlot beef practices to which we were dumbfounded.  We decided to no longer participate in the conventional beef market (selling calves at 9mo of age in an auction).  That meant a lot of learning on our part to go 100% grassfed (even thru TX drought) and grassfinished plus how to market our own beef, goat, lamb and pork.  In the meantime, Amber continued helping personal training clients with fitness & nutrition from the plant up, while Fred studied nutrition from the soil microbes up to the animal.  Owning our own multi-species farm on 600 acres in Texas for 14 years, we had our share of learning curves that were fruitful in lessons. 


Things were going great . . .

A growing list of repeat customers and wholesale accounts.  As the farm business began to really take off the Eagle Ford Shale (hydraulic fracturing for oil & gas) began to encroach all around the family land we stewarded.  Things began to look shaky, we knew we could not continue our grassfed meat production there & had to make a change for the best for our own family.  

December 2014

moved to Virginia to manage a 900 acre farm, bringing along our sheep & goat herd

After some of the toughest Texas droughts & increasingly toxic conditions, we chose to search the East coast to make a fresh start.  While working to diversify that managed farm and the challenges we faced with viticulture in VA, we encountered the Bio-nutrient Food Association and Advancing Eco Agriculture organizations which added depth to our knowledge.  Left that farm to pursue our own venture again.

June 2018

We own/operate our personal farm again.

Putting your heart into farming certainly takes effort. We've concluded that with all the experience accumulated it just makes sense to build something lasting for our crew of 5 budding helpers.  Brooklyn Hills Farm, circa the early 1800's, is reborn and renamed Brooklyn Hills Ranch.

Why we do what we do . . .

Some have said, "Is it worth it?"